About Us

What started as a joke between poker media members has now evolved into the ranking authority for poker-playing poker media. The Poker Media Power Rankings.

The poker media industry feature people from around the world that posses a wide range of poker skills and understanding, mixed with a differing poker-playing schedules. Some members study and play whenever they’re not working. Others dabble in a tournament or a cash game very rarely. Like the poker players we re interviewing and reporting on, competition is at the heart of it all, and consequently the Poker Media Power Rankings were born.

Not just a measuring stick of official tournament results and the power rankings associated with it, the Poker Media Power Rankings is also a motivational tool for the poker media members that are looking to improve on their credibility among poker players.

The poker media industry understands that there is a sharp learning curve to poker, and some members are working on their game just as hard as the poker players they cover. They want to battle on the felt as often as they can, but also while seeing a pay check coming in from the other side too.


Do You Qualify as Poker Media?

Do you rely on working in poker media as your major source of income?

Yes? You qualify as poker media. No? You don’t qualify as poker media.